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Read below to learn about the services we offer!

Case Management

Experienced RN case managers are available to help assist patients with various programs and resources to maintain optimal health. Examples of these programs would include ADAP and HICP which assist patients with the cost of medications and insurance premiums. Referrals are made for certain services, including transitional housing, medical specialists, and substance abuse treatment.

• ADAP- A program that will help uninsured patients cover medication costs.
• HICP- A program that will help insured patients through the marketplace pay for monthly premiums.
• Food Assistance
• Referral to specialist if needed
• Referral of HIV negative partner to PrEP
• Copay assistance

Medical Care

Clients can receive primary care as well as specialized care for HIV. The staff receives ongoing training in the most current treatment options for HIV, to ensure a high quality of care for clients. In addition to the nursing staff, an infectious disease doctor is available by appointment. Clients can receive regular medical care, including yearly physicals, pap smears, care for opportunistic infections, along with careful monitoring of the progression of HIV infection. All recommended immunizations are available through the clinic.


Licensed registered dietician available to explore the best dietary options maximizing a patient’s overall health. Dietician can also address other medical nutritional diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

Mental Health

Counseling and support services offered at clinic by licensed professional counselor to provide therapy dealing with their diagnosis or any other personal concerns a patient may be experiencing. The linkage coordinator and clinical staff may also provide general information about HIV and treatment options.

Housing Assistance

Housing application is located under the forms tab. This form can be filled out and returned to the clinic for submission to the HOPWA coordinator for review.


We utilize Lyft to provide transportation to patients to and from their clinic appointments only. The clinic also provides bus and gas vouchers to those patients who qualify for them.